Telluride Mountainfilm

Telluride Mountainfilm

Mountainfilm in Telluride, May 28th - 31st, 2010

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Mountainfilm in Telluride is a showcase of cultural, environmental and adventure films in the town where we were born. Currently in its 32nd year, the festival is a four-day, six-senses experience of art, adventure, culture and the environment that attracts filmmakers, photographers, conservationists, mountaineers and explorers from around the world. Following each festival, Mountainfilm on Tour takes to the open road to deliver the experience to cities and towns across the nation and the world. The goal is to awaken, inspire, humor, impassion and rouse audiences through film and conversation. Telluride is a very special place to us toads and we can’t think of a better place and a better festival to be a part of.

For 30 years, Mountainfilm has been committed to bringing ever-increasing levels of artistic excellence to its mission of educating and inspiring audiences about critical issues, says Festival Director David Holbrooke. With a motto of Celebrating Indomitable Spirit, the spirit Mountainfilm celebrates may be of a vital eco-system or a fragile one. It may be of an endangered culture or of one courageous soul. It may be of a grassroots sustainability movement or of the struggle of a species on the brink of extinction. In whichever case, it is always a spirit that is unique, important and eminently laudable.

In keeping with the International Year of Biodiversity, this year's festival is presenting an in-depth look at species extinction. We are living in the sixth major extinction on this planet and the first one to be caused by humans, says Holbrooke. The statistics are staggering. We’re currently experiencing the worst spate of species die-off since the loss of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. It’s estimated that a species dies off every 20 minutes. Some scientists predict that between 30 and 50 percent of all species will be extinct by mid-century. E.O. Wilson says that biodiversity is the key to life on this planet and that its collapse is the biggest threat we are facing.

Over Memorial Day weekend Telluride will be transformed into a world stage and it is an invigorating, educational and inspirational event to be a part of from sun up to sun down. If you can't make it to the festival, they go on tour. See the dates in your area here.

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