Jay Nash

Jay Nash Jay Nash is the epitome of the modern-day independent musician. He writes songs in the new American tradition drawing influences from folk, jazz, blues and good old fashioned rock n’ roll. He is part of the growing L.A. underground music scene and having spent the past few years touring solidly, playing venues that ranged from grimy bars to lavish auditoriums. Jay has just recently released one of his most important recorded undertakings yet. His latest album is appropriately named, The Things You Think You Need. It features fellow artists Sara Bareilles, and David Immergluck and Charlie Gillingham of Counting Crows. It was released independently (we like that) on iTunes and reached #22 on the rock chart (the only indie album in the top 100). Jay is now singing his heart out and on the road for another long stint. Go to his myspace page to find out where you can see him.

The toads met Jay through friends a number of year ago and have enjoyed many a beer (and music) with him at company parties to toad events. We are excited that this spring 2009, he'll be one of the collaborating artists for our Good for the Earth/Good for the Soul Project t-shirts - stay tuned on that. In the meantime check out his music, download a few below.

Here’s the buzz on Jay.
"Jay Nash is an artist whose songs made an immediate impression on me. I think music fans will embrace him. He is America's David Gray." - Diane Monk of MCA Records
"One of the strongest voices in the Los Angeles singer songwriter scene. Nash has loose, gorgeous melodies full of confidence, without swagger." - Los Angeles Times

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