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Dirty Hands, Happy Hearts

sohlson posted this February 27th, 2013

Ditching work to spend the morning digging in the dirt is our idea of a good time.  We do it every opportunity we get, so when we had the chance to help restore a section of Mission Creek by removing invasive plants and planting native species along its banks, we took it!


Our friends at Channel Island Outfitters and REI joined us for the restoration project, which was organized by the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division.

Mission Creek is part of the migratory and breeding path of steelhead trout and used to be virtually impassable, meaning the trout would die before they got to their breeding grounds in Mission Canyon.  But in the past several years, creek restoration workers have installed really cool features, such as a deep pool that allows fish enough room to build the necessary momentum to make the jump to the next level of the creek and boulder placement that directs the creek’s water flow.  All this improves the trouts’ chances of making it to the next portion of their journey.

By removing invasive plants and planting native ones, the creek’s eco-system can be restored to its natural balance, attracting the insects (and other species) necessary for the steelhead to eat!

Cool, huh?

One Response to “Dirty Hands, Happy Hearts”

  1. It is wonderful you work to save the eco-system. Thank you.

    by Elizabeth Brito | February 28, 2013 at 2:08 pm