nickname: steve-o
job: loving our dealers
circa: 2004
birthplace: down east, maine
pets: gangloads of office dogs, and bob the dog
every day i...: play outside
when not working: slapping high fives
languages spoken: a little of a lot
music: nursery rhymes
toys: running shoes, clubs, lawn rake, and one rippin' 1980 chevy luv pickup
snacks and other food: carbs, carnitas, and produce
ht favorites:
vanquish, brody, and barstow
other: go long


We Are Toads

Ever wonder who is pulling the strings behind the curtain? Well, that would be us, collectively known as the Toads. If one thing is for certain it is that we work hard, play hard and laugh hard. Come on in and check us out - don't worry, we don't bite.

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