We Are Family

http://www.nau.com Horny Toad adopted a sister in summer of 2008. We were very excited to extend our family of brands to include Nau, a brand with strong environmental convictions along with a stylish offering of functional clothes for urban and wild escapes alike.

Our new sister brand has a core group of amazingly talented folks tacking against the winds of change to bring Nau’s innovative products to market. The first port of call was in fall of 2008 when Nau launched it’s new line with much success. It’s been smooth sailing as one big happy family ever since then. Oh, and to make sure you’ve got it right Nau is pronounced "now" and is from a Maori greeting meaning "Welcome! Come in".

In case you're not familiar with them, Nau is an innovative and intriguing company that we've admired and rooted for since they started in 2005. We count many among them as long-time friends and former colleagues. Friends stick together.

Their products are very cool - a perfect blend of outdoor and urban fashion sensibility. Their design philosophy reflects a balance of beauty, performance and sustainability - yes, they make stylish, highly functional clothing in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner. Their mission, in a nutshell, is to do well by doing good. There is so much more to what makes them tick than what meets the eye. Go to nau.com and dig around.

As siblings, we are distinct individuals with separate personalities, but are excited to learn from each other, share expertise and really encourage each other to build on our parallel do the right thing and do well by doing good philosophies.

Another great benefit of having them in the family is bringing Nau into the world of our social venture partner, Planet Access Company. PAC now provides fulfillment and logistic services for Nau. This is great for our beloved Search For Adventure program, which is the indirect beneficiary of our growing family of businesses.

Of course, we love Nau's own philanthropic program called Partners for Change. A percentage of every sale will be given to partner organizations working for positive change and the cool thing is that customers are directly involved in the giving process.

Nau is based in Portland, Oregon, one of our favorite cities, which happens to be home to our own Lizard Lounge, a retail lounge and social hub in the Pearl. Lizard Lounge is a multi-use space that houses a cool mixture of men's and women's clothing, denim, and accessories with live music, local artists, free wireless and ping-pong – life is better with table tennis. In the fall of 2008, Lizard Lounge became the go-to place to touch, see and buy Nau in Portland. Nau and Lizard Lounge will share office space on the corner of 14th and Irving.

Nau’s blog, The Thought Kitchen, is the place to go for news, stories, progress reports, and thought-provoking ideas. Another way to stay tuned is to sign up for Nau's newsletter, Off the Grid. You can send us an email and we'll make sure you're signed up.

Of course, we'll also keep you up-to-date on the Horny Toad site because family is a powerful thing.


Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

The choices we make are as important as the clothes we create. We try each day to lighten our environmental footprint, be good partners in all of our relationships, pay attention and stay active in our communities and support organizations that improve our world - the source of our daily adventures.

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