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#moderntraveler : salt lake city, ut
This month were headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for outdoor concerts and back-patio brews. Appropriately nicknamed The Crossroads of the West, SLC is an old mining town in the center of the great Western mountain ranges, making it a nature-lovers paradise and an urban oasis. The Wasatch and Oquirrn mountains, the Jordan River, and […]
Land of the Free
The Los Padres ForestWatch is kind of like the California Central Coasts version of Batman: when our public lands are in trouble, the watchful non-profit swoops in. Responsible for protecting more than two million acres of California wilderness, the LPFW keeps a relentless eye on it’s precious charge. Since organizing in 2004, the LPFW has […]
Rockin Out: A Yarn Bomber heads to the Hills
Steve Duneier didnt start the revolution, but he certainly reignited the flame. With enduring dedication to the cause and an underground network of supporters, Duniere has been detonating psychedelic yarn bombs in the hills of Santa Barbara for the past two years. And the results are awesome. Since 2012, Steve has been coming up with […]
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