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Sustainability Update: Acrylic
When it comes to the fibers we use to make our fabrics, we put a lot of thought into our decision-making. Were big fans of organic cotton, merino wool, recycled polyester and Tencel because they look and feel great. We especially like these fibers because theyre produced by sustainable means  something that we feel […]
#ModernTraveler: Pittsburgh, PA
We're headed to Pittsburgh, PA for another awesome fall excursion. Whether you like museums, white-water rafting, pastrami sandwiches, or mind-blowing architecture, the Steel City has something for everyone. Check out Horny Toad's top picks for what to wear and what to do in Pittsburgh (Hint: It might have something to do with Pittsburgh having the most bars per capita in the US!)
Compliments, guaranteed.
At Horny Toad, we have a lifetime guarantee that weve stuck by for years: If you dont get a compliment within three wearings, well make it right. We love the versatility of our clothes and think theyre pretty swoon-worthy, so see what Team Toad has to say about our styles that impress.