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Dispatches from Our Blog

Hygge: Hard to Say, Easy to Love
Have you ever tried to describe a feeling but couldnt quite find the right words?
Anything But the Norm
Dogs will come and go, but Norman is forever. From abandoned orphan to genius recluse to leader of the pack, Norman has swiftly moved through the ranks at Horny Toad to emerge as our unquestionable Top Dog. Like great leaders before him, Norman speaks softly and carries a big chew toy. His stature is small, […]
Featured Retailer: Trailblazer
When you walk into Trailblazer, its like walking into a shop run by your best friends. With three stores in Connecticut and three more stores operated by their sister company, Denali, sprinkled throughout Southern New England, the staff at Trailblazer have made a name for themselves as being veritable experts in all things outdoorsy and […]