Dispatches from Our Blog

Featured Retailer: Mountain High Outfitters
Started in 1999 as a specialty retail store, Mountain High Outfitters has evolved into much more than a gear shop and is this months featured retailer. The folks at MHO have made commitment to community the cornerstone of their brand, and they do a lot to back up the claim. With nine stores throughout Alabama, […]
Sustainability Update: Fabrics and Fibers
Wed like to believe that when you hear the name Horny Toad, you think of high-quality, comfortable clothing and a company that is doing good. Over the years weve made steady and significant progress on the environmental front. From the fibers and finishes we use in our clothing to the practices we follow in our […]
Cats are Trending, Apparently
Theres a phrase thats been kicking around the office lately that we find hilarious: Cats Are Trending. Apparently like the 90s and pineapples, cats have become a global phenomenon – taking the internet, fashion and entertainment industries by storm – and we’ve been missing out. Horny Toad is full of unashamed dog-lovers, so in the […]